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Welcome to Lancashire Safe Self Storage Rossendale , we offer the ultimate safe and secure storage option throughout the Lancashire region. You can choose either internal or external storage spaces that are all fully secure and 24 hour CCTV monitored. All facilities offer full 24 hour computor controlled access and ultimate peace of mind as you and you alone hold the key! The Rossendale storage units are all fully weatherproof climate controlled, fireproof and come fitted with state of the art locking systems. wholesale, sales and global market distribution center lancashire removals storage, portable contianer unit specailist in delivery and collection manchester uk

2011 brings new unit sizes and prices

There are units available from as little as £1.50 per day on short or long term lets. There are no ongoing commitments and in terms of space we can store anything from boxes to buses

new box sizes from 8x5 6x6 7x8 20x8

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  CCTV– our state of the art system.
  Rossendale self storage units from £1.50 per day
bullet point Externally monitored and linked upto the local constabulary.
bullet point Uses thermal imaging.
bullet point And sonic detection to control the cameras.
bullet point High speed dome PTZ cameras.


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safe self storage rossendale lancashirerossendale self storage cctv monitored

The storage facility is located in Rossendale which offers superb access to the full transport network for the Northwest via the
M66 and M65. Both are just minutes away. Only 15 minutes from, M61 and the M6.

Rosendale storage has storage for plasters electricians builders car boot traders and anyone wanting to store in goods in
rossendale safe self storage. The containers can be used for any purpose:

bullet point For tradesmen - for secure storage of tools and plant.
bullet point For homeowners - for safe storage of furniture.
bullet point For students- for secure storage of belongings between terms.
bullet point For businesses - for dry storage for office machinery.
bullet point For sportsmen - for CCTV protected storage for bikes, cars, sports equipment.
bullet point For traders- for protected storage of stock. trade storage
bullet point For civil engineers tools and plant.
bullet point For builders plasters joiners plumbers painters.
bullet point In fact, whatever your Lancashire self storage needs we have the solution!
  Rossendale self storage units to let from £1.50 per day

Isn’t it amazing just how much paper you accumulate in the day to day running of your business? Brochures, order forms, enquiry sheets, invoices, spreadsheets, cashflow forecasts, wage slips, tax returns, VAT returns and inventories to name just a few.

Yes, it is true that all this paper is necessary for the successful operation of your business but it takes up so much darn space!

It is also often the case that government regulation says that you must keep all the documentation to protect yourself, the consumer and be accountable for the taxes and laws of the land. The more successful you are; the more paper and documentation you are going to have to store.

No therein lays a problem. The rent for your office or work space will be calculated by the square foot or the square metre.

The productive side of your business, the staff, the computers, the reception area, and all the area it takes up costs money. The unproductive side of your company the boxes, the files, the reams of paper and all the space it takes up costs you exactly the same!

If you are renting in the centre of town, your rent is likely to be expensive. Even if you are on a purpose built business park on the outskirts the rental rates are still a major factor in your business costs. Any ‘dead’ space for storage is a major drain on your resources.

Is there an answer? Of course there is. You should use business self storage to free up your dead space and stop draining your profits away.

There are a number of options available to you. There are new storage facilities springing up around most major towns. You can keep all your important documents safe, in perfect condition in temperature controlled conditions and readily available with 24 hour access available to you and you alone.

Now whether you need to store just documents or office equipment or even display stands for exhibitions, there will be a solution available to you. With prices for storing boxes of just pennies a day or just a few pounds for large bulk containers, you will save yourself a whole lot of expense and free up a great deal of valuable space.

Most of the storage facilities will offer 24 hour CCTV, secure entry systems and some will even provide transportation services for your items to be stored.

In all events you will see an immediate benefit from reduced costs, the reclaiming of productive work space and the peace of mind that your documentation and goods are secure.



storage rossendale safe self storage unitsFor a free quotation for the space you need just give us a call on 0845 337 0840. Tell us exactly what you want and we will make it happen.
Lancashire Self Storage, safe self storage is the only, fully secure, cost effective option that gives you peace of mind and puts you fully in control. Also driveway installers who want to store equipment over the winter months we have plant storage in safe lock ups.

new container sizes and prices lancashire roseendale secure uint for hire temporary storage untis for hire rossendale lancashire rossendale safe self storage units



container hire short term or long with 24 hour access cctv monitored secure storage rooms

from £23 per week for160square foot.

Pallets for Sale.Units to Let.
we sell boxes and moving supplies.

BUSINESS SELF STORAGE. The perfect answer to protect your documents and save valuable office space.

As the recession continues to bite its important to keep to grips with our finances and all aspects of our business expenses's using your space wisely could improve your out put increase profits and lower overheads maybe by just archiving documentation to give your staff the vital room they need to operate! Do you have bulky tools or machinery old plant or new plant you need to keep safe and secure ,if you are moving house and would like to keep your belongings dry and safe we can help we have storage units to suit every purpose we can store electrical components electrical goods white goods. Market stall holders benefit form our storage units, it helps when bulk buying with quick efficient storage access to your lock ups and the knowledge your assets are kept safe secure dry and accessible to you when ever you need 24,hours per day7,days per week 365 days and nights a year we are monitoring your storage unit for you .Safe self storage


SAFE SELF STORAGE. The perfect answer to clear Christmas Clutter!

The holiday season always brings a host of new gifts, packages and junk. When your home is already filled to the brim you need an effective way to clear some space.

The traditional answer is to fill the attic, the basement and the garage. Trouble is if your items are fragile, valuable or need to be temperature controlled, all the normal storage areas can prove troublesome.

The attic or loft space is often cold, draughty and can house birds, insects or even worse rodents like squirrels or mice. The cold and the draughts can cause fragile items to become damp; the insects can damage boxes for building hives or nests and as for the rodents! Well, we all know what rodents can do!

The basement is an even worse alternative. Being subterranean, basements are often damp. Where areas are built underground, the inherent temperature is decidedly cooler than the ambient air. Where unventilated, this will cause the build up of moisture and damp. This is particularly bad news for the storage of clothing, bedding or electrical goods.

Storing items outside is the worst option of all. Garages and sheds area prime target for thieves. Normally with poor locks, single glazed and separate from the main house, these buildings offer easy access for burglary and are notoriously difficult to secure.

Also because outside buildings are normally unheated, they are especially prone to damp. If your clothing, bedding, furniture, valuables and electrical goods are not stolen, they will often be damaged by the latent moisture n the air.

So what is the best option for safe, self storage? Well surprisingly there may be an easy option right on your doorstep.

There are an increasing number of sites springing up which offer secure storage option for business and domestic users alike.

These sites offer a range of units, warehouses and lockable facilities for all your storage needs.

You will find storage options for bulky items, like furniture, gardening equipment, and household goods. Secure safe-keeping for important documents like business records, data disks and office equipment is also available. Even general household stuff like out of season clothing, barbecues, electrical and your second car can all be kept safe and out of the way.

Not only does this allow you to reclaim valuable space but also to rest assured that your belongings are in a secure environment that you and you alone have complete access to.

You can find temperature controlled storage, 24 hour access storage, short and long term space rental and more than enough space whatever your needs.

Best of all the safe self storage space is remarkable cheap. You can store boxes for pennies per day and have large containers for really huge storage facilities for less than a few pounds per day.

So next New Year, don’t be falling over all the new kids presents, let all your old electrical goods go rusty in the garage or let your clothes get musty and damp in the loft. Go and get some safe, self storage!

The bed room tax will be effecting not only rossendale but the whole of the uk, people will be on the move and needing self storage even more so, we at rossendale safe self storage we have expanded our rossendale storage unit and have a veriety of storage sizes now available to hire for long or short term self storage in rossendale lancashire


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